Grown That Way ‘The Market Garden’

Grown That Way ‘The Market Garden’

The Grown That Way Market Garden was built in early 2021 and opened by HRH Princess Anne of February that year, attended by a collective of land-based companies, charities and public figures supporting the farms collective community work but also its new vision of adapting for the future. 

The garden was built on brown field reclaimed piece of land on the farm to see how feasible undesirable land could be to grow plants and a community, built with a mix of methods supporting local businesses the garden boasts, polytunnels, raised beds for disabled growing, no dig and compost experimental beds as well numerous food crops, flowers, and medicinal plants. At its heart we have the water capturing system which is designed to reduce water run off higher up in the farm as well as our technology hub and ‘PlOT IN A BOX’. Used as a space to teach and develop new learnings we work with businesses, military, and members of the public to offer experience days and training days. Inhouse, we work with Battling On to develop growing ideas with Veterans as well as growing days with TST another sister company that works with young adults 16-25.

The garden is helping us to develop greener thinking, more access to plant-based activities and generally steering us to better health, profitability, and resilience.

If you wish to look or have a talk or workshop in this space do give us a buzz, we love collaborating with people and the community around us.

For more information, please contact Kenny@grownthatwway

For now, please follow the story updates and track what’s new at the farm.

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