Supporting Battling-On …. Garden Design Day with the Veterans

Grown That Way is part of a group of CIC organisations that all reside here at Merrhuefarm, part of our work is to help support each other in varying ways…. Cross pollination pardon the pun. One of our sister CIC’s is Battling-On, an award-winning Veterans organisation.

September gave us the opportunity to support such a great organisation by being asked to host a day teaching about gardens and garden design. The day started busy meeting and greeting catching up and getting the brews out. Our structure for that day was to talk through basic design approaches and from setting a client brief, to what a zoning diagram is.

The purpose of this is to teach how to design a space from a point of the client’s needs first off. We then moved onto planting plans, planting communities and colour theory followed by rendering of the final design. It was a fast-paced day with lots of chatter and lighter and some great gardens deigned by the end of the session.