Tatton Park 2022 … Silver Guilt and Best Community Border

The summer we will never forget, 40c and months of blistering heat changed the landscape across blighty. Building floral space along with other fabulous members of the garden community greened this slice of blighty for a few days during July 2022.

Grown That Way were awarded silver guilt and Best Community Border for there efforts in representing small urban space with there take on alternative lawns. Called Green for Me…. The space explored the use of lawn alternatives ‘Sagina Subulata’ and every green plants as a way to take the most derelict space and give them a huge of the west country green. 

Installed by the team and grown by volunteers at headquarters on Merryhue farm it was a real sense of pride and achievement that the team came home with awards.

Second to the community border garden, GTW also hosted a floral installation in the floral marque called, ‘Dreams of the mother Tree’ and artistic impression of how as children nature takes us away to exciting magical lands and our constant destruction of these unique natural spaces risks that access of magical woodland to our children and us as adults being lost.