Grown that Way is a not-for-profit project

that celebrates people and place and supports the diversity of our human and natural world. Grown That Way blends different approaches to growing through the use of cutting-edge technology with traditional and holistic horticultural practices that are designed to help communities become more resilient through growing their own produces, materials and medicines. This process is based on crucial academic pull down from our partners which supports the diversify and growth of those we work with. From training days, site visits, collaboration projects and mentoring, Our work looks at the science, the culture and the arts of a space, group, and community to help deliver best forms of support and training for them. Through the use of our main site at Merryhue farm and the training facilities much of what we produce here helps support our local food bank and social projects. This work is funded through donations and grants but the ever-expanding needs of what we are doing is becoming hard to fund. Demand is outstripping supply.

By donating to our project, it allows us to continue the growing work we do, running our systems, expanding our transition to carbon neutrality through the use of solar and better practise management. This then allows us to offer brighter, happy and more facilities to all the community members we work with. From students to local growers, volunteer groups and our sister organisation such as works skill south west who we provide produce to supporting local communities.

Please contact us for further details on how you can donate.


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