About Grown That Way, our vision & our mission

Our Vision

Here at Grown That Way we have a vision of being a self-sustaining entirety resilient to the world around us, that harnesses the use of science technology and art in our landscape to promotes a growing community.

We wish to create resilience, access and opportunities through an inclusive market garden space that allows the spirt of people, business, ideas and sharing to be able to prosper.


Our Mission

Grown That Way’s mission is to deliver access academic pull down in the areas of horticulture, art and technology, through research projects that create opportunity through the means of holistic and technological advancements, we believe the future will rely on a host of different ideas and we are keen to offer training, research and access to these kinds of projects.

Get to know us!

Grown That Way is a collective of leading figures from around the agricultural industry drawn together in a time of climate crisis.

Based in Plymouth, the team are dedicated to exploring and adapting to the changing environment – ecologically, politically, socially and economically.

Being seeded by knowledge, weeding out misinformation and always rooted in science, Grown That Way aims to support small and micro businesses to upskill and evolve with new technologies and climate-sensitive growing that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Founded in 2022, the Grown That Way collective will support people and the planet, champion the arts, reinforce the importance of the environment with mental health, and be a pillar in the horticultural community, all the while leading the charge against the growing climate emergency and flowering a possible future.


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