Away Days

Away Days

Do you want to take the office away for a team building event or even few days, then why not get in touch with us?

Grown That Way offers bespoke away days for all kind of business. We have had huge success offering nature-based days with many groups, from small office-based organisation to military away days. These days allow staff to decompress and be out and about in the green and pleasant lands of east Cornwall.

Set within 124 acres we are able to cater to all the needs of being out in nature, from gardening projects and harvesting food for lunch, to rewilding projects and woodland walks we have it all.

So what is an away day like with us? It always starts with a cuppa and a good Cornish breakfast, we all need to start the day with some good local food. We introduce the team and the days outings.
From there we get into the first activity, this normally is related to the midday lunch. After the lunch we more into the second activity. This can be canoeing, woodland walks to name a few.

We try add a real mix of activities that allow you to access the beauty of the space we work in, so from donkeys and alpacas to canoeing and growing we have a real mix for everyone. For the more crafty amongst you we can also offer a range of craft days, or even just afternoons linked with our siter organisations such as Winning Steps South West. From lino printing to floristry or garden design classes.

As you can see we can do lots of things, so if this is of interest and ticks lots of boxes why not give us a call or send us a message. We can discuss in greater detail and form your perfect experience.

All profits from these events support the ongoing running of our projects and allow us to cater for our community.


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